Ok here the Teletubbies. The purple one is Tinky Winky, the red one is Po, the yellow one is Laalaa, and the green one is Dipsy.

Recently Jerry Falwell charged that the creators of Teletubbies was sending out a bad message with Tinky Winky because he was gay because his antenna was a triangle and he was purple. Well the Teletubby sex scandal is a lot more sinister than that it seems.

Indeed Tinky Winky is gay, maybe because of the reasons stated by Mr. Falwell but because he's also infamous for carrying a purse, dressing up in tutus and dancing, and does have a rather feminine voice.

Po has the antenna with the round hole and Dipsy has the straight antenna. Respectively those are a vagina and penis and they be hot and horney Teletubbies getting it on whenever possible.

Laalaa is a hemaphrodite. She/he has the antenna has both the hole and the straight antenna. So is Laalaa a male/female/ or both?

Well, now that we know the sordid truth behind the Teletubbies all we can hope is that a xxx movie doesn't come out, and the poor children don't become scarred for life.