Top 10 Sexy Cartoon Females

by Jarod

Yeah I know I have some game characters on the list, but the needed including and with cutscenes in games they technically fall under animation or something.

1. Cheetara - The first cartoon I was hooked on as a kid and she was the first cartoon character I was hot for and wanted to see naked.

2. April O'Neil (original cartoon series version) - She wore a tight yellow jumpsuit, ran around with a camera all the time with who knows what on tape, and had big boobs. She also hung out with the Ninja Turtles one of my all-time favorite cartoons growing up as a child.

3. Lara Croft - A bit overdone as far as nudey fanboy drawing go, but still one hell of a sexy female version of Indiana Jones. Harrison Ford was a cool guy after all until he made Six Days Seven Nights.

4. Maleficent - I find her strangely attractive and the only thing better than a sexy good girl is a sexy bad girl. Plus she can turn into a dragon.

5. Baroness - Part a classic cartoon she had dark hair, was evil, had an accent, and was more than happy to settle things with gun.

6. Jessica Rabbit - Jessica would have been ranked higher except that she just didn't do as much for me as she did many people. She was in one of my all-time favorite movies and her boobies made a bouncing noise everytime they jiggled.

7. Red Hot Riding Hood - A classic sex symbol who should be on every fanboy's list. If not for Tex Avery and this hot little minx who could make even wolves hot for her who knows what the state of sexy animated characters would be like today.

8. Daphne - While a definite hottie Kevin Smith got it right in the move Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. Daphne is a bit of an airhead and a moron always getting captured, but on the bright side she was a bit of nymphomaniac running off with Fred everytime the gang split up to search for clues.

9. Harley Quinn - A sexy gal who can fit into tight outfits, is loyal to her man (even if it's the Joker), and is insane to boot? What more can you ask for?

10. Tifa Lockheart - A big-breasted bar owning streetfighting expert whose tits don't get in the way when she does flip kicks and very close to being the fist fighting version of Lara Croft. Another definite top ten if only for the scene in Final Fanstasy 7 where's she's falling off the airship.

Top 10 Sexy Cartoon Men

by Stacy

10. Alan M. from Josie and the Pussycats. Everyone wanted him. Why? There has to be SOMETHING to him, besides the wannabe postal worker outfit and that hideous "I think I might be a homo" scarf around his neck. Sure, I guess he's sorta cute. Maybe it's the whole mystery behind him... like who would actually find a man with two vacant ovals for eyes attractive. Ok, I'll stop pretending that I actually care, and just admit the only reason I added him was for filler and some kind of inclination that I'm not a total freak, if you stop and realise more than half of the "men" on my list are more like... men animals.

9. Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law. He wears his underwear outside of his clothing. That takes balls. Any man who can fly is guaranteed sexy. I guess that means Superman and Batman could also be in here somehow, but Superman has that gay curly q in his hair (really, I don't like men who have prettier hair than me) and Batman has that cleft in his chin (really, I don't like men who get chin lint). Mr. Birdman has real wings, too, so I guess preening could be erotic.

8. Ned Flanders from The Simpsons. Normally I don't find passive, moustached men to be all that attractive (granted, he is very friendly, and I like friendly people), but did you see him play Stanley in Springfield's production of Streetcar? Ned is ripped. I can overlook years of sex in the missionary position based on this fact alone.

7. Coach McGuirk from Home Movies. Yes, I am aware of the fact that he is essentially a loser, a fat, washed up high school version of himself. I doubt he even knows how to play soccer. Deep down inside, I believe Coach McGuirk just needs a nurturing woman to teach him how to brush his teeth, to stop biting his toenails and to spell. Maybe even teach him to play soccer, too. Why would someone take the time to do all this? I will tell you why: I guarantee you, the gratitude he will owe you after this special lady is done with him means he's whipped for life. A whipped man is sexy (in all senses of the term "whipped").

He also has a great sense of humour, in the sense that he has no clue what he's talking about. Retardism is cute. I bet Corky from Life Goes On got lots of chicks.

You say "masochist." I say "cunning."

6. Space Ghost. Tad has one of those deep, sensuous voices that I could listen to for hours. He also has a brilliant smile and powerbands that can shoot adjectives. I dig talk show hosts.

5. Thundercleese from The Brak Show. This guy is chivalrous. Big and masculine, but he owns a beloved gold fish, and doesn't take crap when people steal his yard bunny. Plus he's programmable. Literally, you can press his buttons. And his head makes cool whirring sounds when it moves... I've always wanted a man who could make cool whirring sounds.

4. Phillip from South Park. Oh, where to start! Have I ever mentioned that I like foreign men? Is Canada foreign enough for you? There are SO many talened Canadians. See: Bryan Adams, Phil Hartman, Avril Lavinge, Alanis Morissette. One thing they all have in common is they can fart in time to music, and fart while dancing. Most of them will deny it, but it's true. Phillip is one of the few Canadians to let this secret out into the open. I find it refreshing, a breath of fresh air. That takes serious talent. Also: Flapping heads. I won't say anything more than that. Oh, and the name of Phillip (whether spelled with one L or two) is always sexy, as are shirts with the first letter of your name on it.

(Note: Terrance has ties to Celine Dion, which I just can't bring myself to forget, else there would be a very fucked up menage a trois thing going on in this paragraph.)

3. Frylock from Aqua Teen Hunger Force. Sure, he's a floating bag of french fries, but the guy can talk logic. Brains are attractive. I have fantasies about Frylock and me setting up a Linux fileserver crime lab. I daydream about us solving long mathematical equations and talking dirty in programming languages. Is this wrong? Oh, and he has many fingers. I would just be afraid that I would accidently salt them and eat them.

2. Cornfed from Duckman. What is there to not find sexy about Cornfed? He's a private eye (insert your own "private dick" joke here), he's an intelligent mammal pig (insert your own "getting porked" joke here), he's thoughtful, kind, and he looks good in brown. On top of all this, he's a virgin.

1. Philip J. Fry from Futurama. Because he is normal. He doesn't have a ripped body, he's 25 years old and a delivery boy, he watches too much television, he's addicted to caffeinated beverages, he has flipped up red hair and, for the love of all that is holy, he sustained 1000 years in a cyrogenic chamber. Once lived in a closet. Oh yeah, and that fetish for people named "Phil(l)ip" helps, too.